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From My Introduction:

“With the help of Basil Anderman, Michael Marsh, and Michael Murphy, we were able to begin in 1989 a series of study seminars that has continued to meet over the years. A core group included the authors of this book, as well as Judith Aston and Charlotte Selver. We met several times with a group of biological scientists including Seymour Levine, George Solomon, Candace Pert, Margaret Kemeny, Peter Anton, and Martha Stampfer. We were joined at times by the philosophers David Michael Levin and Susan Griffin, cultural historian Elinor Gadon, and martial arts scholar Michael Malizewski. The core of these rich and nuanced conversations was the exploration and articulation of our work: how we go about it, what happens, what is essential, what peripheral. This document represents the current status of our progress.

“We have worked together helping each other speak simply, clearly, experimentally, even biostatistically. The pursuit of simplicity and clarity led us unexpectedly into discussions of the constant occurrence in our work with people of issues of eroticism, abuse and transcendence — aspects of experience that kept rearing their heads, resisting the sanitized texts that we had intended to write. The soul of science is always fueled by the unexpected, the seemingly unexplicable. With the support of each other, our scientific friends, and our funders, we decided to write our work as it is, commonsensical indeed and humane. But this work is also mystical sometimes and sensual, breaking down familiar categories to reflect the peculiar insights born of our intimacy and frankness with each other, the joys we have had in working together, the soul of healing.”

Authors Writing about their Methods of Work:

  • Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen on Body-Mind Centering
  • Emilie Conrad Da’oud on Continuum
  • Michael Marsh on the intricacies of clienthood
  • Michael Salveson on Rolfing
  • Elizabeth Beringer on Feldenkrais
  • Darcy Elman on F. M. Alexander
  • Robert K. Hall on Lomi Work
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