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with author Jules Pashall at book launch for Diverse Bodies

CIIS seems like an oasis in the midst of the wreckages all about us, a community of nearly 2000 visionaries—faculty, staff, students, administrators—literally from all over the world.  It came together originally, like Esalen, under the umbrella of the Indian anti-colonial philosopher Sri Aurobindo who envisaged a world where all the wisdom teachings were gathered and shared in a common education project rather than carrying on old ideological battles. It has slowly evolved from a dialogue between “East” and “West” to include “North and South” and all the in-betweens, urging forward our communal inquiries to look for the sparks of wisdom wherever they are being kindled, and nurturing their flaming forth to find their rightful place in shaping a more humane and just world.

We have developed and expanded our clinical masters degree program and are in the process of conducting the first major clinical research project in the field. We are now in the second semester of our new doctorate: Integral and Transpersonal Psychologies with a Somatics Emphasis. It is designed for practitioners who are wanting to develop their writing, teaching, and research abilities grounded in their clinical practices.

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