Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities
The Meaning of Life in the 21st Century
Everyday Hopes, Utopian Dreams
Body, Spirit and Democracy
Body: Recovering Our Sensual Wisdom
The Protean Body
Bone, Breath, And Gesture
Groundworks: Narratives of Embodiment
The Body In Psychotherapy



Transpersonal Dimensions of Somatic Therapies

Cultivating the Elder Body of Wisdom

Transformative Body Practices and Social Change: The Intersection between Spirituality and Activism

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Transforming Dualism: Esalen's role in developing a field of Embodied Theory and Practice

Slurping Soba, Twirling Spaghetti: Etiquette, Fascism, and Pleasure

Somatic Platonism

Princilpes Versus Techniques: Towards The Unity Of The Somatics Field